June 8-12

The Grade 4’s are back from Camp Geneva. Make sure to check out the pictures posted on twitter!

Happening this week at school
The Pan Am Torch relay- Wednesday (leaves from the Rec Centre)

Area Track and Field is at St. Theresa’s on Tuesday. Make sure you have returned your signed permission. Rain date is Wednesday.

In the Classroom
G.r 4’s will continue to work through a few sound labs this week to finish up our light and sound unit.

Gr. 5’s will also work through a few small labs involving matter to finish up their unit.

Social Studies
Gr. 4’s will finish up some last minute project research and piecing together their projects. We will begin presentations on Thursday.

Gr. 5’s will continue to learn about Aboriginal people and European contact. They will also continue with their research project.

May 19-22

Grade 4’s are reminded to return their Camp Geneva forms and Tiny Marsh forms no later than Tuesday (overdue)

Events This Week
Wednesday, May 20 Grade 4 goes to Tiny Marsh (Board sponsored, no cost to families).

Our Track and Field Event has been moved to Wednesday May 27th

In the Classroom
Gr 4’s will continue to work through several light and sound labs this week to finish up this unit.

Gr 5’s will also work through several labs involving matter to finish up the unit.

Social Studies
Gr 4’s will finish up there project research this week and start to piece together their project for presenting next week.

Gr 5’s will continue to learn about first contact and what this meant for the Aboriginal people.

Both grades will continue to experiment will probability and fun probability games!

May 4-8

Tomorrow is the big day!!!
●Grade 4’s and 5’s remember Monday is Music Monday – please don’t forget to bring your clothes for jigging. Parents come and join the assembly at 1:50 p.m. We are one!

Thanks to everyone who donated to our spring Dance-a-thon. If you did not send in your forms and money last week, please do so on Monday.

● Monday’s junior basketball after school is cancelled.

● Mental Health Week is coming this week. Stay tuned for details of special events. A list of events will be sent home on Monday for you to hang on your fridge.

● Movie night is coming on Friday, May 8. They will be showing Sponge Bob and Paddington. Forms will be sent home on Monday.

The Week of April 27-May 1

Things we are doing this week

We will be participating in an indoor lacrosse session on Wednesday. This has been brought back by popular demand!!

Our spring Dance-a-thon will take place this Friday, May 1. Please send your forms and money in by Friday. Mark your calendars and come dance with your kids!

Pizza and Milk
Milk orders are due on Tuesday April 28th
Pizza order are due on Wednesday April 29th

We have started a new unit in math on Fractions. We will challenge ourselves to more mixed and improper fractions along with converting them to decimals. What fun!!!

Music Monday
On Monday May 4th is Music Monday across Canada. In preparations for the big day, we have been hard at work practising our jigging and ‘We are one song’ with Ms. Powell-Holt’s Grade 1 class. Ask your son or daughter to show you the steps and sing the words to the song.

Week of April 20-24

Things happening in and around the school this:

Tuesday, April 21 Grade 4’s will be participating in an international Math and Science Test- TIMMS.

Wednesday April 22 is Administrative Assistant’s Day. Please thank Mrs. Barr for all her hard work.

Wednesday, April 22–Students will be participating in yard and community cleanups.

On Wednesday April 22, the Pan-Am Games Mascot PACHI is coming for an assembly at 1:50 p.m. All welcome.

In Class this Week

Thank you to all the students who remembered their recipes for our procedural writing. We will be working with them this week and looking at ways to dissect them!

Our Radio projects are complete!! We will spend some time listing to each groups Radio Station and then post them so our parents can listen.

In Math, we will begin a new unit. Last weeks test will be returned on Tuesday.

The Grade 5’s wrote their Human Body unit test on Friday and will begin Matter on Monday.
The Grade 4’s will continue to look at Light and Sound. They will be experimenting with reflection and what make sound.

Social Studies
The Grade 4’s will be moving from Medieval jobs to looking at food and clothing.
The Grade 5’s will continue to be introduced to the Native and European unit.

The Week of April 13-17

In Class this Week

We had a very busy week last week and did not get much done on our looming. We will try and finish them up this week.

Our Radio projects are still a work in progress. Many of us ran in to technical difficulties last week with the Ipads. We have several periods booked in the library to try and finish up taping this week and editing next.

In Math, we did very well last week identifying, and comparing shapes. We also had fun discovering angles!!! We will be looking at more angle this week.

The Grade 4’s were introduced to Early Societies last week. We plan on looking deeper into these societies focusing on certain aspects such as inventions.
The Grade 5’s will be finishing up their Human Body unit with a test and presenting their paper bodies.

This week in Art: Last week, we looked into the history of Métis Dot Art. We tried out paper examples of traditional dot art and were very successful. We will begin to sketch for example, flowers, cattails, and lilies on a canvas- then add our dots!! It should be exciting and fun. Make sure to check out our twitter for pictures.

Last week, Mrs. Therrien attended a workshop and learned the traditional dance of the Métis people called jigging. Together with Mrs Powell-Holt’s Grade 1 class, we will be learning the jig and will present it for Music Monday.

The Week of April 6-10

Welcome back from a nice long weekend. I hope you all spent time with your families.

Around the School
This Wednesday is International Day of Pink. The International Day of Pink is marked to celebrate diversity and prevent bullying. We will be displaying the International Day of Pink flag inside the school this week.

Due to International Day of Pink- we are moving our weekly School Shirt/School Colour day to Friday for this week only.

Things not to Forget
Pita Orders have gone home- please have them back by the due date.

 Wednesday, April 8 Scientists in the Classroom- Make sure you bring in your $8 for Wednesday

In Class

We are still working hard to finish up our looming. We have several bracelets and bookmarks finished- they look great!

Our Radio projects are well on their way and we hope to finish up taping this week and editing next.

In Math, we will be identifying and comparing shapes and then moving on to angles!!!

The Grade 4’s have started two new units last week. In Science, we started Light and Sound. In Social Studies we will be starting to look at Early Societies.
The Grade 5’s will be finishing up their Human Body unit by the end of this week.

Week of March 30- April 3

Things happening in and around the school this week:

Grade 4-6 after-school basketball house league is on Mondays and Wednesdays until 4:30. This is for boys and girls. There will be skill development and games.

Remember to wear blue on Thursday April 2nd to recognize Autism Awareness Day.

Our spring Food Drive will start on Monday. Please support our local food bank by sending in a donation of non-perishable food. Hornets supporting their community, priceless.

Thanks to everyone who sent in money to participate in the Huron Park’s Great Easter Egg Hunt. Students who are participating will be invited to the Easter Egg Hunt during the week.

The HP Singing Club is preparing for the music festival. Make sure you are practicing your songs.

In the classroom this week:

Next week we are having a spring door decorating challenge. Let’s see if we can impress our judges with our artistic creativity.

**We will be finishing up our beading and putting our bracelets and bookmarks together.
**In Language we will be finishing radio project scripts and moving onto taping the broadcasts.
**In Math we learning more about 2D shapes
**In Science the Grade 5’s will be finishing up the Human Body unit.
**In Science the Grade 4’s will be starting light and Sound.

March 9-13

Happenings This Week:
This week is Winter Blues Be Gone Week-
Monday- Summer Hat Day
Tuesday- Crazy mixed up colour Day-wear bright colours
Wednesday- Flower Day/School Colour Day
Thursday- Remember today is Hawaiian Day!
Friday is Pyjama and Crazy Hair Day.

Remember Wednesday we are going Skiing at MountainView Ski Hill
*Dress in layers, bring a lunch and make sure to bring water!

In Class this week
**We will be finishing up our beading-Yeah!!
**In Language we will be finishing up our jingles and moving onto forming our radio groups. Then starting our own radio stations (media project)
**In Math we will be trying out the red transparent mirrors and reflecting shapes.
**In Science the Grade 5’s will be finishing up the Circulatory system and moving onto the skin.
In Grade 4 will be finishing up our Rocks and Mineral unit.

March 2-6

We welcome in March with some warmer weather!!!

Reminders to students

*Please return your ski permission form and money by Wed. March 4th

*Pizza orders are due on Wed. March 4th

Exciting News

On Friday, we are finally going to bead after all the prep work and math calculation work. Make sure to ask your son or daughter to show you their bracelets.